Lucky Witch

For players that are into features that are mythical, such as the Magic Potion Bonus and pretty good odds of winning up to 10,000 times the bet placed, the Lucky Witch game is the way to go.
With the Microgaming slots there is one thing that everyone can agree on, and that is that they do an amazing job at picking a theme and sticking with it. This game is one that is magically themed (for those that couldn’t already see that), and it is based off of Halloween and comes with a pretty witch that is wearing some great costume pieces.

Players will notice that behind the reels of this game there is a townscape and a full moon (both creepy and serene). The animations for this slot are actually very beautiful and during the times that players see that the witch is casting one of her spells, players will be able to watch as the crystals shine and the pumpkins begin to light up. Even though this slot might be a little bit on the older side, they certainly did a great job with catching the attention of players.

The Symbols and Soundtrack for The Lucky Witch

When looking at the background for the Lucky Witch slot, players will be delighted with the high level of detail that it contains. The soundtrack is delightfully witchy, and matches the theme perfectly. The Lucky Witch Slots game has a witch, owls, cauldrons, a black cat and even a dragon as the higher valued symbols. A blue potion represents the scatter’s symbol and a bubbling cauldron represents the Mystery Bonus. The game itself is wonderfully animated and the soundtrack adds to the gameplay wonderfully.

Lucky Witch Bonus Features

Players who find three bonus symbols or more on the first, third and fifth reels will activate a bonus game. There are four bonus games in total, with the potential to win as much as 30,000 coins. The available bonus games include Magic Potion Bonus, Pumpkin Bonus, Spell Book and the Secret Vault Bonus games.

When playing the Magic Potion Bonus Game players receive 12 bottles. Players keep selecting a bottle until they find the bottle labeled “stop”. There is also a bottle labeled “win all”. The rest of the bottles have a cash value.

In Pumpkin Bonus, five pumpkins will appear on the screen, and the player will choose one and have the chance to win a prize associated with that pumpkin. Players can also choose not to accept the prize and try again.

Another bonus game, the Spell Book Bonus game, presents the player with three spell books. Players can choose one of these books which will then give them a multiplier on their total bet. The last bonus game is Secret Vault, where players are shown twelve vaults and can choose three. After the vaults are chosen, the remaining vaults are opened to reveal the rewards that they would have offered. The players can then choose one of the three vaults and will receive any reward that the vault offers.

Finally Thoughts on The Lucky Witch

Lucky Witch is a wonderful video slots game that has some high rewards, as much as 10,000 times higher than your bet. The main character is not the typical witch, she is beautiful and has a magic that will draw players in.