Max Damage

Microgaming’s slots game, Max Damage, brings a world of adventure to its players. As a sequel to the original game, “Max Damage and Alien Attack”, the original animated hero returns to save the world, again. Players go on an epic journey beyond the planet’s atmosphere, to protect the world.

Max Damage is a fast paced and humorous adventure slots game.

What Symbols and Features Does Max Damage Have?

Max Damage brings players back to the good old days, bringing them the closest they have ever been to an out of this world experience. The symbols used in this game include a laser pistol toting space hero and his interstellar space cruiser, as well as a space station and alien ships flown by nasty, mean green aliens. There are also some viciously designed warships. It’s an all out war and the players can help the hero save the world.
There are other fun objects that serve as the symbols in Max Damage. A giant balloon floating in outer space with numbers and letters land on almost every single spin. A globe of the planet earth will sometimes be found too, as if to remind players exactly what is at risk. The transparent reels don’t get in the way of the backdrop, which is a beautifully designed image of the planet earth.
The music playing in the background fits the game’s theme perfectly. The space age soundtrack has an ambient, out of this world vibe that matches the tension of the horrendous battle being fought right above the earth. When players win, an alarm can be barely heard in the background. And at times the bleeps and blips of a control panel can be heard.
When players activate the bonus rounds and get free spins, the music becomes more groovey, letting the the player know that they have achieved something special. In addition to the space age vibe, the game’s lasers zap the alien intruders, letting the player know that progress is being made in the war to save mankind.
Microgaming did a great job with this slots game, and the choice to leave the customary cash sound in Max Damage was most likely to keep players grounded as they battle through waves of aliens and earn big rewards. The Max Damage logo serves as the wild card, and the scatter is a bright green alien flying in his space ship.
There are more than 200 ways to win Max Damage, and when players find at least three green martians in their ships on the pay lines, a free spin round is activated. Players get 15 free spins and with each free spin the payouts are doubled.

Final Thoughts on Max Damage

Fans of epic space battles will likely love Max Damage. Microgaming did a wonderful job with this game, and it is apparent that the level of quality and detail comes from the developers having a lot of fun making it. Max Damage has great rewards, a wonderful theme and a great soundtrack that will keep any interested players engaged for the long haul.