Rabbit in The Hat Slot

Do you like slots and magic? Do you get excited every time a magician pulls a rabbit from his or her hat? Then you might very well like Rabbit in The Hat, a 9 payline video slot game with a magical theme. Published by Microgaming, the game features a Wild Hat wild card and various other aesthetically pleasing design elements that carry the theme of the game far into the deepest reaches of your imagination.

So, how do you start playing Rabbit in The That? Very easily, very simply. All you need to do is set your initial wager. This is made super easy, just clicking the + (plus) or – (minus) signs next to the “Bet” button to set your bet by increasing the number up or down as you wish. Once you click bet, you will determine which size of coin you will use. These sizes are as small as 0.01 and as large as 0.2.

Once you have finished setting up your bet, you can choose to spin once with the “Spin” button, or spin many times in a row with “Autospin”.

If you get a Wild Hat and a magic hat on the same reel, you begin a bonus called the Magic Hat. You will be shown one of four magic hats. If you trigger more than one hat at once, you win the Wild Reet Hat first, and then you win Cash Hat and finally, the Free Spins Hat.

While playing the Wild Reel Hat bonus, one entire reel becomes a wild reel. This reel can divide itself into as many as two more wild reels. The wild reel will not spin unless winning combos appear on the extra wild reels.

During Cash Hat, players win a randomly generated bonus which is multiplied by the amount of coins that you had bet.

The bonus game Free Spins Hat can give you as many as 10 spins for free. All of your wins are multiplied by the value awarded during your free spins, which is already multiplied by the amount of coins that you had bet. You can win free spins many times in one game.

If you activate the Mystery Hat bonus, you receive one of the bonus features as a reward, randomly chosen.

Microgaming Makes Another Gem

Microgaming is known for publishing the best casino games on the internet. It’s games are all well designed by professional developers that are unsurpassed in their ability to rethink the way slots and other games work.

Final Thoughts on Rabbit in The Hat

Fans of intricately designed slot games with a great theme will love Rabbit in The Hat. The game itself is creative, fun and highly rewarding. Rabbit in The Hat allows you multiple chances to win free spins, and the rewards won during those free spins are highly increased.

The design elements of Microgaming’s Rabbit in The Hat are beautiful crafted and the imagery is perfectly suited to the theme. It is one of Microgaming’s best slot games according to many Microgaming fans.