So Much Candy

The So Much Candy video slot comes equipped with 5 reels and 25 paylines. This sweet little slot is powered by a very famous company, the Microgaming software platform. Of course, just as one might think because of the name, this slot is loaded with delicious sweets. So, prepare to get some cavities and dive into this review about this crazy slot that can give players as much as 320,000 coins in winnings!

This slot is obviously themed around sweets and other treats that make the mouth want to water. Of course, all of these great little sweets will certainly be helping players out when it comes to collecting the big wins. Players might even notice their mouth starting to salivate as they open up this incredibly edible game. This game is actually part of a So Much More range of games coming from the Microgaming line of games. Even though the gameplay for this slot may not be as tempting for players as the Red Hot Devil slot, the theme for the game makes it so that the creators were able to put in beautiful elements and some very interesting bonus features.

Symbols and Features

With the So Much Candy slot, players will certainly love the savory soundtrack, however, for some players, it can be a bit irritating after a while because it is a constant one. Fortunately enough, players are able to turn off the sound when the music starts to become an annoyance. Of course, with this game, the backdrop that players will see immediately is a purple lay-out that has been doused in candy and other sweets. Players will be able to find many different type of treats laid across these reels, and they will certainly be recognisable to players, because they are all treats that we ate when we were children. With this game, the most popular out of all of the symbols presented is the gumball machine that represents the scatter for this game (and this one will lead to many big wins for some players).

Even though it may not seem like there are going to be a lot of those fancy bonus features we all know and love, there are a couple that players will be able to take advantage of with this game.

So Much Candy has a delicious set of symbols, featuring some of the yummiest looking candies. These can split into as many as five pieces of candy when a winning combo is found. The luckiest of players are can end up winning with a combination of as may as twenty five pieces of candy. The heart shaped candy is the most valuable symbol and players who are lucky enough to find twenty five of these can end up with as much as 640 times their initial bet.

Finding three or more of the scatters, which are represented by gumballs, activates a free spin bonus. Players are able to choose how many free spins they want, with each spin offering huge potential rewards. Getting eight free spins can result in as many as 320,00 coins, and 10 free spins can result in as many as 240,000 coins.

Final Thoughts on So Much Candy

So Much Candy has a reason for being named the way it is, there is a ton of candy. So Much Candy has just exactly that, so much candy. There are a lot of rewards to be won with So Much Candy, and players with a sweet tooth are sure to love the theme.