Spring Break

Other than the exciting and generous features, this Spring Break slot is a game that gives players the chance to win 112,500 jackpot! Of course, we all know that the favorite time of year for the college students is Spring Break, the time when everyone can let loose and see all the family and friends. Of course, the theme for this slot is young students doing some partying 24/7, while at the same time acting crazy!
It doesn’t matter if a player has just recently finished with college, or if they have been a hard working world-class father for years, this slot will give every player the chance to relax, kick back and have all of that fun that came with those good Ol’ party days, with many chances of winning big.

Symbols and Features

When it comes to Microgaming slots, everyone knows that they are the kings of making the design, music, sound effects, and graphics match the overall theme of the games. Of course, every part of the game takes a role in making sure that the game looks and feels perfect in a way that brings the slot to life for players. With this game, players will notice that the backdrop is plain blue/purple and it frames the light blue reels in the perfect way. When it comes to the reels for this game, players will see that the symbols are ones that are certainly doing a great job of adhering to the theme.

Of course, in this game, players will be seeing a lot of things that are pretty crazy, such as alcohol, burgers, girls in bikinis, nachos, and more. Although, because of all of this, players might want to keep a pool and some junk food near them while they play, because this slot will be making everyone crave something. With this game, the Wild symbol is the logo for the game, and the scatter symbol is represented by a Beach Party symbol. The music for the game is very light and exciting, creating a perfect scene for those that were huge fans of going on Spring Break.

The wild for this game is able to be used in order to replace any of the other symbols and no, it can’t be used with the Scatter. For players that are able to form some winning combos using the Wild, there maybe double the reward given out. Also, there is obviously a Free Spins features, just like every other slot in the world. Players that are able to get a win at all will notice that this game also comes equipped with one of the gambling features. This means that players will be able to play a guessing game in order to gamble all of the money that they just won away, sounds dangerous, right?

Final Thoughts on Spring Break

When it comes to the Spring Break slot by Microgaming, players will not have to be enrolled in any courses in order to have a little fun. This game is certainly worth trying out for everyone who enjoyed their college days.