Go Bananas

The Go Bananas slot comes with several wilds, making it a game that every player is sure to fall in love with. All of the wilds are presented as different versions of Monkeys (makes sense given the theme of the game). Of course, the game itself is themed around the jungle, and players will see that this slot was created by NetEnt, meaning that everyone can rest easy and know that it’s going to be a great one.

Symbols and Features

Yes, this game does have a jackpot payout for players. The base game has a jackpot that is 700 coins. Although, the max amount that a player is able to win with any single spin for the game is 140,000 coins, meaning that some players are going to be winning some pretty big bucks!

The standard reel symbols for this game include symbols such as the tropical fruit symbols, and a Bank Note symbol, among many others. Unfortunately, there are no scatter or bonus symbols that players will be able to find with this game. However, the game does make up for the lack of those symbols by having a crazy amount of wilds. There are 5 wilds that are monkey symbols for this game. If a player is able to get one of these on the reels, they will be able to watch as these guys act in crazy ways. As soon as they are showing up on the reels for a player, they will turn any of the reel symbols that are adjacent to them into wilds. This means that players can win extra large amounts amounts of money thanks to these wilds.

There are not a lot of bonus features that players will be noticing with this Go Bananas game. However, players will notice that they are not able to activate any of those free spins bonus game that they love while playing this game. However, the game does make up for the lack of bonus features by use of wilds. With this game, players will find that the only bonus feature are the expanding wilds. That means that there is no bonus game that players will be finding with this game either. However, players everywhere have stated that this really makes no difference for those that are trying to have fun and make some extra dough.

Final Thoughts on Go Bananas

The Go Bananas slot is a game that was created with fun in mind, as well as making some money. Players will find themselves immersed in the land of monkeys in this jungle themed slot. Of course, with the 5 wilds that are able to be found in the NetEnt game, players will find that they are not going to be coming out of this game empty handed. Also, even though there is a lack of bonus games and features, the game makes up for it in big wins, and the chance to win as much as 140,000 coins, which is a lot of bananas to be taking home!