Joker Pro Slot

Every player around the world knows that they can always count on NetEnt to make the games that will both thrill the players and reward them with every spin of the wheel. Even slots that seem to be simple ones can become a favorite among many players if it has the right ingredients such as great features and gameplay that allows players to keep their bankroll growing.

The Theme Behind Joker Pro

This slot, which was created by NetEnt, comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines in total. Of course, the theme of this slot happens to match the classic slots, simply because of the symbols that players will find in this slot that they will have also probably seen many times with the older online casino slots and the slots that are able to be found in the land-based casinos.

Even though this slot was certainly created by NetEnt with the classics in mind, there is certainly nothing that player’s are able to find that is old with this slot. Being a creation that is both modern and thrilling, Joker Pro is consider by many players to be a real winner simply because of the basic mechanics along with the thrilling experience that goes along with playing this famous slot.

The Music and Symbols

Being presented to players with a sparkling blue background that has lights that are pulsating, this slot gives players a great image to look at while they play. Players will be able to find symbols like four-leaf clovers, lucky sevens, and bar icons on the reels in this classic-looking game. Of course, the diamond symbols in this game are sure to be a favorite among every player who spins the reels of this game, simply because they are the highest paying out of all of the symbols. Players will have fun with the subtle flashes, graphics of the highest quality, and the perfect combo of color that makes winning seem like the most exciting and yet calming experience in the world.

Of course, while spinning the reels of this game, players will find themselves entranced by the whole experience thanks to the upbeat tune. The creators of this game sure know how to keep players hooked, making it so that every time the player lands a win, the music ramps up. Even though there may not be any Wild or Bonus symbols that players will be able to find on the reels in this game, they will be able to have fun with the 2 bonus features of the game.

Bonus Features

The two bonus features that players will find in this game are the Hot Spot Wins and the Joker Pro Respins. The Hot Spot Wins feature is able to be activated by players who are able to get their hands on 3 or more of the Scatters in the game. The Joker Pro Respins feature is able to be activated when players are able to get one or more of the Joker Hat symbols within the middle reels.

Final Thoughts on Joker Pro

For players that are fans of the classic slots, winning big, and spins that feel like the biggest thrill ever, the Joker Pro slot is the perfect game to bet with.