Starburst Slot

Ever since the Starburst slot was launched during the 2012 year, it has quickly become the most popular out of all of the games created by the platform NetEnt. That leaves us with one huge question. Why is this basic, slot full of gems such a winner in the eyes of so many?


Apparently, one of the reasons for the fame behind this game is its theme. This is because this slot has a theme that is both calming and simple at the same time. The game takes place set against a backdrop that is dark and it looks exactly like the night sky, players will be able to see bright strips of light which will seems to illuminate the slot in a perfect way without it being too overwhelming so as to not take away from the game.

The Starburst slot comes equipped with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Of course, another reason behind the fame of the game is that the NetEnt platform did not focus on crazy antics and mind-blowing cut scenes in order to make sure the players would keep the reels going. Instead of all of that drama, this game simply puts the focus on giving players a calming gaming experience and at the same time it helps players to win. Every part of this game was designed in order to keep players enticed, and it does a great job of doing exactly that!

Music and Symbols

Similar to the classic slots we all know and love (minus the fruit that always plagued them), the Starburst slot comes with some basic symbols that will help to make sure players are keeping their focus on the game. Players will see many gems that are of many different colors within the reels, and they represent the lower paying of all of the symbols. The top two out of the symbols are the golden orb that come embedded with the word BAR in the middle, and then there is the 7 symbol.

Everyone of the symbols in this game sparkles in a way that makes players think of space. Of course, another of the reasons that this game has become so popular is because these symbols are able to pay out for players going left to right and right to left. Players will have fun as they win the big money from both ways.

As far as music goes, the soundtrack of this game is subtle, so as to not disturb the player as they spin the reels. Of course, the music does amp up when the player is able to land a win on the reels.

Final Thoughts on Starburst

Even though this game might seem simple, it is completely enticing, and it certainly has a way of keeping players hooked on winning. This game is one that everyone should be playing. With all of the great features, simple background music, great theme, and the 50,000 coin jackpot, this game is a winner for sure!