Tornado Farm Escape

The Tornado Farm Escape slot has 20 paylines and it is one of the ones that was created by NetEnt. With this slot, players will notice that one of the most important symbols is the TV, and that is something we will be discussing later on in the review. Of course, this game is full of color,and players will love the special features that are attached to it.

When it comes to looks, this game certainly has great ones, it seems to appropriately fit the theme of the game with the graphics and presentation. Players everywhere have started to fall in love with the farm animal symbols of this slot, and they are all very sharp and match the theme. However, even though this game is not complicated, it can get boring after playing it for too long, simply because it is so simple. Of course, that is mostly because it is not one of the greatest slots to have come from the line produced by NetEnt, but this game does come with some great features that players should check out. There are not a lot of animations with this game, but this game does run nice, and has 20 paylines. One of the best parts has to be how smooth the game runs, with no lagging.

Symbols and Features

The Tornado Farm Escape game does come with a jackpot payout. With this game, players will see that the jackpot pretty much depends on how much a player bets on every spin that they make, and also depends on if a player is able to get the biggest payout with the base and bonus games. The great part is that there is a max payout of 167,000 coins, and that is a lot of extra cash.

The standard reel symbols that players will have a chance to find on the reels are pretty funny. Players will see things that they would normally see if there were a tornado hitting a farm, such as sofas, flying pigs, and boots. Players will see that the bonus game scatter symbols for this slot are the hot symbol and the cold symbol, these ones are able to be found on the first and second reels of the game. The wild symbols for this game are the TV symbols, and players will have the chance to up the amount of wilds they see on the reels during the bonus game.

Unfortunately, there is not free spins game that players will be finding in this slot. However, there is a main bonus game, and there is a lot of cash to be won with it. Players will be able to activate this randomly and they will see a Tornado swoop in across the screen and it will make the reels turn wild and give players higher chances of winning big. There is also another game that players will be able to activate, if they are able to get the hot and cold symbols to show up.

Final Thoughts on Tornado Farm Escape

Tornado Farm Escape is a slot worth checking out, it may get boring, but only after a while of playing. Plus, there are a lot of ways players can win big!