Chicago Slot

The windy city has been an inspiration to many, spawning songs, movies and more. Now, there is a Chicago themed slots game that gets you spinning the reels in hopes of striking it big, with as much as 500 times your bet amount in rewards. Visit the windy city of old in its doomiest, gloomiest, windiest days and see how well you fare!

Novomatic does the mafia theme well with the Chicago slots game. The game has an old noir feel to it, reminiscent of all of the old, black and white mobster movies. As soon as you start spinning the reels, you will feel the atmosphere of the mafia run city of wind, at the time of the Prohibition.

The game is fun and for those who have the interest, you could unearth a lot of interesting take-aways about the history of the city of Chicago. Many consider it to be one of the most attractive cities, and the windy city has been a popular setting in many books and movies. Now, thanks to Novomatic, you too can visit Chicago during these iconic times and use the time travelling opportunity to get rich!

One of the best themes about Novomatic’s Chicago slots game is that it is truly cross platform, and can be enjoyed on your computer, your phone and even your tablet.

The Chicago slots game has some pretty cool artwork, and all of the aesthetics work together to perfectly bring this mafia theme home. The sounds and animated reels and effects are top of the line, and add the perfect finishing touches to the game. The color choice is wonderful, and gives the entire theme a moody, noir mafia atmosphere that really draws you in. The slots background features what seems to be a high definition scape of the city itself. The overall theme looks gritty, as if you were looking through a camera from way back in the 30s.

For symbols, the reels feature two mafia thugs, a little old lady smoking a cigarette, a small boy and of course of police officer. These are the higher paying symbols, while the normal card symbols represent the lower paying end.

The soundtrack is where the biggest downfall comes into play. It actually is quite likely the only downfall. Novomatic tends to use the same soundtrack for the majority of their slots games, and Chicago is no exception. The branding is understandable, however, with the right soundtrack this Chicago mafia themed slots game could really have hit home.

A view of the city itself acts as the wild, and as a wild is can sit in place for any symbol with the exception of the scatter. The wild makes it easier to get higher rewards and get them more often, and if you were to find 5 wilds anywhere on any reel, you could end up with 500 times more than you bet!

Final Thoughts on Chicago

All you need is to be brave, and head out onto the streets of the gloomy, gritty, hustle and bustle of Chicago, the windy city. All around you, the Prohibition Era of the 30s is evident, but there is still plenty of money to be made! If you like history and the mafia, and like winning big with the online slots, then Novomatic’s Chicago slots game will fit the bill perfectly.