Gorilla Slot

If there is one thing that is clear, it is that Novomatic has a knack for bringing memorable characters to life in their slots games. Thinking back to their other slots, like Chicago, you get the overall impression that Novomatic puts just as much emphasis on designing an amazing theme as they do creating a slots game that offers big rewards to make it fun for their players.

Novomatic’s Gorilla slots game is no exception, and has a wonderful and colorful jungle theme that puts the Gorilla at the center of attention. With detailed and artistic renditions of some of the most well known jungle cliches, the attention to detail in this theme is unrivaled. Yes, there are many jungle themed slots games running amuck in the wild, but most pale in comparison to this one. Novomatic’s Gorilla slots game is a piece of art, and as a game it has its own take on the jungle themed slots, with its own set of challenges and unique ways to surprise players and keep them interested.

With the true green background depicting a jungle that is teeming with life, visible behind the see-through reels, Gorilla slots has many ways to win big. You will find various high paying symbols such as red and yellow birds, orange and pink flowers, and naturally, the gorilla. The lower paying symbols consist of the average symbols found on playing cards, like most slots do. These symbols has been altered a bit to better fit the overall theme of Gorilla slots. The graphics do seem a little bit behind the times, but nature lovers and those with an appreciation for art will likely be able to look past this technical detail and be able to enjoy a wonderfully artistic slots game with tons of rewards.

Keep an eye out because the Gorilla slots game has some tricks up its sleeve to keep you winning big in quite creative ways. Led your inner wildling run rampant and you will find yourself in the middle of a veritable treasure horde. The game uses the Gorilla himself as a wild symbol and you can find him on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. It can even be found stacked, resulting in huge rewards that are sure to make any slots fan leap for joy.  As usually, the only symbol that the wild doesn’t represent is the scatter, and if you are one of the super lucky players, you can find an entire screen of wilds and get yourself up to 1,000 times more than your initial bet.

Players who feel like truly taking a walk on the wild side can use the Gamble feature, which can be used after a spin resulting in a reward. The gamble feature will bring you to a mini game. If you correctly guess the color or the suit of the next card to be drawn, your winnings are doubled! However, if you lose, there is a chance that you will forfeit the winnings you just won.

Final Thoughts on The Gorilla Slot

Novomatic did a wonderful job when they designed the Gorilla slots game, and the theme is full of life just the real jungle. The reels are transparent, allowing you to see more of the jungle background as you play. There are tons of rewards to win in this slots game, and overall, despite the graphics looking a little bit behind the times, this game stands among some the best slots games available.