Power Stars

The Power Stars game is another online slot that comes from one of the top slot providers, Novomatic. This provider has earned themselves a reputation for using basic games and turning them into a game that not only runs better, but looks better as well.

This game is a classical fruit game that has been turned around into a machine that has a lot of extra features and is all around better than the original. Of course, there are also the bonus features that were added that have made this game into a favorite addition of the original. A lot of the games out there that have the same theme that were created by the competitors of the company are not as good simply because they do not have all the extra features that are included in this one. With the classic deep reddish-brown background that this game has go nice with the reels tucked neatly in, so as to provide that classic look that has been loved for many years.

Symbols and Features

With the Power Stars game, players can once again be drawn back to the good Ol’ days, when the tunes were generic and the reel roll affect were classic sounding, making the whole scenario seem as though a player was put right in front of one of the older machines, while still having better features added on.

Of course, with this game, players will be seeing the classic symbols, such as grapes, watermelons, cherries, etc. Players will notice that the higher paying out of all of the symbols are the red sevens and the gold bells that we all love. Players will even be able to get as much as 100 X for 5 of a kind with the sevens.

In this game, the wild symbol happens to be the Power Star, and this symbol is able to be used as a replacement with any of the symbols in the game. Also, players will see that this symbol is able to be used in order to activate the wild feature of the game.

Uncommonly, when compared to other fruit slots, this slot gives players the chance to experience two different bonus features that will help them up their payroll, and the fun to be had. The first feature is the Gamble feature. With this feature, players will be able to decide what color they think that the card will be and they will have a chance to double the amount of money they had originally won. The next feature is the Power Star Wild Feature. This one will help players get those free spins that everyone loves.

Final Thoughts on Power Stars

The Power Stars slot comes equipped with two great features and a great theme that is classic. While this game is based off of an older game, it is a better version by far, and players will certainly be able to tell the amount of effort that Novomatic put into the creation of the game. All in all, everyone should be spinning the reels at least once with this game.