Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot

Novomatic takes classic slots and turns them into beautiful works of art. Ultra Hot Deluxe is no exception. This classically themed slot is literally on fire with its super fruity symbols that make you want a bowl of cereal. Ultra Hot Deluxe is a great introductory theme for new slots players as well as experienced players alike. With familiar symbols and a great real casino feel,  Ultra Hot Deluxe can be played on almost any device, from your laptop to your smartphone and your tablet. This slot may not have the most exciting theme, such as Gorilla or Chicago, but it does very well at capturing that classic, casino slot machine feel. It is these kinds of slot machine that allowed the online gaming industry to flourish, it is the very roots of online gaming. Without these classics, there wouldn’t be any 3D slot games or VR casinos at all. Novomatic has been an industry leader in the area of online casinos, and they know better than to forget about their roots. Instead, they embrace them and let their players experience a little bit of the history that brought the online gaming community to where it is today.

Ultra Hot Deluxe has a firey background that looks cool and fits the name perfectly. The symbols used in Ultra Hot Deluxe have carefully chosen colors that stand out wonderfully against the white colored reels. The symbols include lemons, oranges and cherries, just like the classic slot machines found at the Vegas casinos. Players will also find red number 7s and stars of gold, even a bold faced, big, black X. All of the symbols are animated, but the animation is kept old school to fit the classic theme. If you land a winning combo, the symbols will catch fire and burn in a glorious blaze of victory. It’s all very cool looking and does a great job capturing the classic slot machine feel.

Like many Novomatic games, the music is generic and common to the majority of their slots games. It can even get to be a bit much and for this Novomatic has included a mute button for those who prefer to not be assaulted with the sounds they have chosen for their games.

This is a very classically oriented slots game and for this reason there are no insane bonus features to write about. If you want free spins, tons of wilds and multipliers, Ultra Hot Deluxe isn’t exactly going to be your cup of tea. However, if you are looking for an authentic, casino style, classic slot machine kind of game, then Ultra Hot Deluxe will shine in your eyes. If you are planning a trip to a brick and mortar casino, you can use Ultra Hot Deluxe as a training slot machine and carry over almost everything that you learn to a physical game.

Final Thoughts on Ultra Hot Deluxe

With this cool, retro themed slots game, you can win over a millions coins if you are lucky. As the game does its best to pay homage to true, classic slot machines, there are no super huge wins that are going to come easy. You either win or you don’t win, it is just as simple as that. It delivers a real casino feel in this way, where many of the more creatively themed slots games today tend to cater to those who don’t want such brutal odds, Ultra Hot Deluxe keeps it real.