Queen of The Pyramids

When it comes to online slots, everyone knows that the list of ones that are themed around pyramids and Egypt is a long one. The Queen of The Pyramids is a Playtech game that is not exactly the best in terms of quality, but it does come with two great bonus features and also comes […]

Mr Cashback

Mr Cashback is a Playtech slot that will help every player go on an exciting adventure with reels being stacked full with money, piggy banks, and so much more. Players will even be able to grab up 12 free spins with the great bonus features that this game comes equipped with. This slot comes with […]

Iron Man 2

Playtech is known for their popular series of Marvel slots games, and the progressive jackpot connected all of the various Marvel themed slots games. Playtech has a slots game for every one of the Marvel universe’s heros worth mentioning. Fans of the Marvel Universe will find themselves right at home with the Iron Man 2 […]

Great Blue

Of course, everyone knows that Playtech is known for their use of great graphics and modern effects. Great Blue is no exception to their ways. Players will see that this slot comes with an underwater adventure, and it has bubbling fun that pops out with every rock ‘n reef that players see. Players will be […]


The slot Elektra is well known right now mostly because it is a part of the Playtech Marvel Progressive Jackpots Network. Of course, because of this, players have some great odds of getting those big bucks! This game is, for those that didn’t already guess or don’t know the comics that well, based off of […]

Gladiator Slot

Playtech’s Gladiator is based on the hit movie of the same name by Ridley Scott. Set back in the days of ancient Rome, the colosseum was home to some of the bloodiest battles that were fought purely to entertain the people. Help the great general, Maximus, take down Rome’s gladiators and exact his wrath upon […]

Fantastic Four Slot

Marvel fans are sure to love the Fantastic Four video slot game from Playtech. The Fantastic Four is a very popular series of comic books that has spawned animated series’, video games and even a Hollywood movie. Now, slots fan can get in on some of the fantastic action with the Fantastic Four video slots […]

Daredevil Slot

Daredevil is a famous Hollywood movie featuring Daredevil, the blind superhero. He has been featured in many animated and live action shows as well as comic books, and now he makes his debut into slots! Help Daredevil fight off the bad guys and win some big rewards for doing so! There is nothing silly about […]

Blade Slot

Even though there are a lot of heroes out there that do look like the good guy, there are also those heroes that look like the bad guy but are really the good guy, just like Blade! For players that have never seen the movie, it’s basically about this bad ass guy and he is […]

Beach Life Slot

For the players out there that feel as though it is time to take a holiday after having spent so many hours slaving away, there is always the choice of an inexpensive trip to the Beach Life slot. Of course, this video slot was created by Playtech, meaning that everyone knows that it is going […]