Blade Slot

Even though there are a lot of heroes out there that do look like the good guy, there are also those heroes that look like the bad guy but are really the good guy, just like Blade! For players that have never seen the movie, it’s basically about this bad ass guy and he is a vampire slayer. Of course, the movie plays him as being one of the best in the world, and it was a great movie! He is one of the most dark and mysterious people in the world, and he thirsts for the blood of vampires (alright, he doesn’t actually thirst for the blood of vampires because he is a vampire, but he really hates his kind). The main character of the movie was played by the famous Wesley Snipes.

While playing this game, players will realize that the main goal is hunting vampires, while players are sinning those crazy wheels. This game comes equipped with 20 paylines, of course, players should also know that this slot is one of the ones that are no longer available in the real-cash casinos, simply because all of the Marvel slots are being removed from them. However, it is a great game to play on any desktop device.

The Symbols and Music

Alright, so for those players out there who have watched the movie, it probably will come as no surprise that this slot has a dark background that has been tinged with blood red. Of course, the symbols and the music for this game are completely aligned with the theme of the game. The symbols are metal, kick-ass weapons, vampires that want some blood, and so much more.

Of course, players should make sure to be on the look out for the main character of the movie, Blade, because all of his symbols are used by players to get a great payout of 25,000x the players bet if they are able to get their hands on 6 of them in one of the paylines. There are a lot of weapons, the Blade logo (which is normal for slots), and there are also Split symbols that are able to be found by the players during the game. Fortunately for players, there is no need to know mortal kombat moves or how to fire guns in order to win the big bucks in this game. Just spin the reels and win money, what a great way to make a living!

There are also some bonus features to mention. One of the bonus features is the Blade Split. This feature will help players to activate the chance to win twice as much as they normally would by splitting the reels. Then there is the Free Spins feature. Players will get 15 free spins with this feature and a 2x multiplier. Lastly, there is the Marvel Progressive Jackpot. This feature is unfortunately no longer available for this game though, sorry!

Final Thoughts on Blade

Looking for a way to kill some blood suckers? The Blade slot game is a great way to become a hero and get some big wins!