Daredevil Slot

Daredevil is a famous Hollywood movie featuring Daredevil, the blind superhero. He has been featured in many animated and live action shows as well as comic books, and now he makes his debut into slots! Help Daredevil fight off the bad guys and win some big rewards for doing so!

There is nothing silly about Daredevil, a vigilante who fights off criminals to keep the city safe, all while trying to protect his identity and most importantly, not die. While the 2003 film that cast Ben Affleck didn’t make Daredevil fans very happy, the Daredevil slot game by Playtech has done much better.

The Daredevil slot game includes many of the famous characters found in the comics, so fans of the entire Marvel universe will undoubtedly be happy to see all of the familiar faces. Even fans that have no clue what amazing things await them in the world of Marvel will find the Daredevil slot game entertaining. With a jackpot of up 5000 times the bet amount, there is plenty of chance to win big on all 20 paylines.

Those who have read the comics or watched the series on Netflix will be familiar with the symbols used on the reels in this slot game. The background music is dark and foreboding, hinting at the suspense that permeates the streets and the life of this often misunderstood superhero.

While the soundtrack itself is pretty epic, it isn’t loud or distracting in any way, leaving you free to enjoy the ambient suspense while focusing on the big rewards the game has to offer.

As you spin time after time, you will bear witness as a huge, super sized battle plays out on the streets of New York. Elektra, Kingpin, Bullseye and the ever amazing Daredevil square off with each spin. Help Daredevil equip himself with better weapons as you spin, finding his weapons as symbols bearing card icons. These lower paying symbols are the bread and butter of the battle against evil, but they aren’t the only ones that pay. Find Daredevil himself and you have yourself the wild card, and the Double D scatter will lead you well on your way to this game’s amazing bonus rounds.

The Amazing Bonus Rounds

The Daredevil slot game makes it pretty easy to win, and winning big is easy too. The bonus rounds that can be activated while you spin are just great and result in crazy high rewards.

The Bullseye Bonus puts you in control of which target is shot at next. Simply hover over any part of the slot and you have a chance of getting a huge reward. If you find the Bullseye, your reward is tripled!

The Daredevil Bonus is activated when you find three scatters or more, and provides free spins. Each of these free spins has the potential to show as many as four random symbols as wildcards, increasing your rewards greatly.

And last but not least there is the famous Marvel Jackpot, which was connected to every other Marvel slot game. Unfortunately this is no longer active as it was removed from all of the online casinos that use real money.

The Truth About Daredevil Slots

Marvel slots games are always pretty good and Playtech puts a lot of professionalism into the design of these games. Fans of Marvel and fans of Daredevil will find this slot game to be an enjoyable experience, even if they can’t play for real money.