The slot Elektra is well known right now mostly because it is a part of the Playtech Marvel Progressive Jackpots Network. Of course, because of this, players have some great odds of getting those big bucks!

This game is, for those that didn’t already guess or don’t know the comics that well, based off of the ninja assassin/superhero that was created as a part of the Marvel Comics. With this game, players will notice that the reels and the background are pretty well-done, being the same color as the red super outfit that the character was known for wearing in the comics, and once players are able to active the free spins bonus round, they will see that the reels have turned black.

This character comes from a family that has a lot of money, and for those players out there that are willing to help her out with kicking some butt, there will be many rewards given. Of course, players will be able to help her out by finding her weapons for her.

Symbols and Features

This game has been equipped with music that is great at both capturing the suspense and action for the game, making the game seem even more enticing to players. When the reels do turn black because of the bonus round, players will hear the music going the same way as the game begins to get more intense.

Players can help out Elektra by using the symbols in the game, such as the ninja star and the Sai weapons. Players will find that they are also going to be getting awarded with a small kickback during the game with some symbols.

With this game, players will see that the wild is the main character. This symbol will be able to be used in order to replace any symbols (except for the scatter/bonus). This symbol will be showing up on the reels stacked during the free spins round.

In this game, players will be able to find two bonus features. The first of the bonus features is the Progressive Jackpot. Players will find that this game has 4 progressive jackpots that are able to be won by players, including the Extra Power Jackpot and the Ultimate Power Jackpot. What’s great about this game is that players will have a chance to win these big jackpots simply by spinning the reels. Of course, players that are wagering more money will see that they have better odds of winning them.

The second bonus feature is the Free Spins one. Players that are able to get 3 of the big E’s on their reels will find that this feature has been activated. However, players that are able to get to this round will have to pick out a weapon in order to continue on to the round.

Final Thoughts on Elektra

The Elektra slot is a great game with an amazing theme and two great features. It is easy to see how players everywhere are getting hooked on spinning those reels with this game!