Fantastic Four Slot

Marvel fans are sure to love the Fantastic Four video slot game from Playtech. The Fantastic Four is a very popular series of comic books that has spawned animated series’, video games and even a Hollywood movie. Now, slots fan can get in on some of the fantastic action with the Fantastic Four video slots game.

The game features the characters from the original Fantastic Four film, and the themes is amazingly designed. The fate of the entire world lay in your hands as you spin the slots in a legendary 5 reel adventure that features 20 paylines and an amazing jackpot.

As you spin, keep an eye out for the wild card, which is easily identifiable as the logo of the Fantastic Four. The wild card offers huge rewards when you get two or more. You can win anywhere between 40 to 10,000 times the amount that you bet.

If you end up with more two scatters, you activate a bonus game, and get 12 free spins. This game is part of a larger jackpot known as Marvel Heroes, so you get tons of chances to win a huge jackpot.

The game has been around for awhile now, and is one of many Marvel based games. It is a bit different than some of the other Marvel slots, however. Fantastic Four slots has a cartoon appearance and is less graphical than The Avengers or Thor. This means that it is a lighter game. The game seems to have been designed by the same designers that worked on Daredevil, as many of the design elements look as if created by the same individuals. In addition, certain aspects of the game Daredevil that were lacking in polish seem to be present in Fantastic Four, though admittedly to a lesser degree.

The Thing is the lowest ranking symbol on the payout symbols list. The Human Torch comes next, being slightly more rewarding than The Thing but less valuable than the Invisible Woman. The Mr. Fantastic is the most valuable of the team members that can cross your paylines. Getting 5 of a kind earns big rewards, the size and amount depending on the member of the Fantastic Four that you have.

The Fantastic Four Feature is a bonus game that is activated by getting three or more scatters, and as we said above, players are awarded with 12 free spins. There is no multiplier, however. There is a special, however. 4 free spins are provided for every Fantastic Four team mate within your free spins.

But Is The Fantastic Four Slots Game Any Good?

Compared to other video slots games, especially the other Marvel Heroes slots games, the Fantastic Four doesn’t have the high payouts Marvel slots fans may have gotten used to. Visually, it is very appealing but it does pale in contrast to the other Marvel Heroes games.

With that said, it is a wonderful game that is very entertaining to play. The games makes you want to keep spinnin and save the day!