Gladiator Slot

Playtech’s Gladiator is based on the hit movie of the same name by Ridley Scott. Set back in the days of ancient Rome, the colosseum was home to some of the bloodiest battles that were fought purely to entertain the people. Help the great general, Maximus, take down Rome’s gladiators and exact his wrath upon Commodus, the illegitimate Caesar of Rome that killed his family in cold blood. If you succeed, you will be very highly rewarded.

The screen is backgrounded with the Colosseum of ancient Rome, where the battles that will take Maximus from the pits of hopelessness to the the status of a hero Rome take place. The battle scene has 5 reels, and the music is perfectly fitting to the gruesome events taking place behind the theme of the slot game.

As you make your spins in an effort to overthrow the terrible tyrant that is Commodus, the cinematic music that plays gives you a sense of the gravity of each and every spin. Does your spin bring Maximus closer to avenging the murder of his wife? Do his children die in vain? Or is Maximus and his murdered family on the road to a bloody scene where they stand tall and victorious of the weakling that is Commodus?

Each spin will give you the chance to help Maximus on his quest, and you will see the characters of the movie spinning before your eyes. Commodus, the illegitimate Caesar who murdered his own father and Maximus’ family is one of these characters, as well Maximus, Queen Lucilla, Gracchus and more. The wild card in Gladiators is Maximus’ mask, and you will only find this on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. The scatter is the Colosseum,  and will trigger free spin bonus rounds.

The rest of the winning symbols are the low end of the totem pole, and are represented by the standards on a deck of cards. This means that you will see a 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace.

The game features two types of bonuses. The Gladiator Bonus that is triggered when you get 3 wilds (Maximus’ Mask), which not only provides random cash prizes, but also shows a movie clip from the motion picture that is this game’s theme and namesake.

The other type of bonus is the Colosseum Bonus which gives free spins. Spin and find 3 scatters anywhere at all and you get taken to the wall, but in a good way. Here you get to pick a brick that lets you know how many free spins you get as well as what multipliers you get on the next round.

The luckiest players get to choose a character that will act as an extra scatter for that round, or to choose for an additional wild card.

If you find Commodus on the 3rd reel you get more free spins as well.

Death To The False Caesar!

The movie was amazing, the music was great and the slot game is no exception. It lives up to the expectations. Never has a slot game created such a tension that so well related to its theme. The movie clips are a great reward as well, and it really helps to immerse players into the theme of ancient Rome as set in the movie Gladiator.