Mr Cashback

Mr Cashback is a Playtech slot that will help every player go on an exciting adventure with reels being stacked full with money, piggy banks, and so much more. Players will even be able to grab up 12 free spins with the great bonus features that this game comes equipped with. This slot comes with a money theme (incase the title was not obvious enough for some players!). Of course, this guy wants to get his hands on all of the cash, but he’s not going to be the only one seeing some dollar signs in this game!

Of course, the main character of this game has the same name as the game does, and in this 15 payline slot, players will find out very quickly that he wants to do nothing more then make sure that players get the most cash that they can in their pockets. All a player has to do is spin the reels an they could be rolling in the dough soon enough!

Symbols and Features

Players will see that before the reels have even filled up in this game, they will have been introduced to the music played for the introduction scene of the game. Of course, they will also be able to see Mr Cashback himself shouting from the rooftops that the players are going to be given some cash very soon, and this man means business! If players find themselves annoyed with the soundtrack of this game, they will be able to turn off the music easily by making use of the main screen.

As soon as the game has started for players, they will see that there are symbols that go along really great with the theme of the game. These symbols include bags of coins, cash, piggy banks, and more! Players will also be able to find Mr Cashback himself, toking on a cigar, representing the wild symbol of the game. This symbol can obviously be used as a replacement for any other symbol, and they are also able to help players with the bonus game. The logo of the game is what represents the scatter, and this symbol will be able to be used in order to get 12 free spins for many players.

There are three bonus features that players will be able to find with this game. The first one is the free spins feature. With this feature, players will be able to get 12 free spins, and they also come equipped with a x2 multiplier, meaning that players can expect to be winning big with this one! Then there is the Cashback feature that will allow players to get 50 times their bet if they are not able to get a single payline to win 50 times in a row during the game! The last feature is the gamble feature. This one is like every other gamble feature, just pick the right color and have the chance to double the money won.

Final Thoughts on Mr Cashback

Mr Cashback is an amazing slot with 3 great features and a lot of great aspects. This game will be on everyone’s mind for awhile!