Queen of The Pyramids

When it comes to online slots, everyone knows that the list of ones that are themed around pyramids and Egypt is a long one. The Queen of The Pyramids is a Playtech game that is not exactly the best in terms of quality, but it does come with two great bonus features and also comes equipped with that fancy progressive jackpot that we all know and love.

This five reel slot comes with nine paylines and a pretty interesting theme. There are pyramids and silhouetted camels that are able to be seen by players behind the reels of this game. Also, the queen of the game is able to be seen in the upper left corner of the game, seeming as though she is looking out for the players.

For players that have come across a lot of games that are Egyptian-themed, the symbols for this game will probably seem pretty familiar. There are some Egyptian god symbols, a Pharaoh, and a Sphinx.

Features and Symbols

As stated previously, this game does come equipped with a progressive jackpot. Players will see that they are able to win up to 40,000 with this one and the rules for winning it are pretty normal when compared to other jackpots. To win this one, all a player has to do is get five of those Cleopatra symbols in a row.

Players will see that in this game the symbols are those that would normally be found within the walls of a pyramid, which kind of makes sense for the theme of the game. So players can expect to see things such as hieroglyphs. Although, players should not worry about having to know the whole Egyptian alphabet in order to play this slot! All a player must do is line up the matching symbols on a payline that has been activated and they will be seeing some winnings.

With the Queen of The Pyramids game, players will find that the bonus symbol is the Unicorn (makes no sense to some players). The additional scatter symbols for this game are represented by the Scorpion. Of course, players will have to get at least 3 of these in order to go onto the free spins round that everyone has fallen for.

The wild symbol for this game is an easy one to guess, it’s the Cleopatra symbol. This one also doubles as the jackpot symbol for the game. Players are able to use this in order to replace any of the symbols, as long as those symbols that they are trying to replace are not the bonus or scatter.

As far as bonus features go, there really are only two to talk about. The first of the two is the free spins round, which players can gain access to by using the scatters. The second is the bonus game, and in this game players will be able to get some extra money.

Final Thoughts on Queen of The Pyramids

The Queen of The Pyramids slot is certainly a game worth playing, especially when considering the progressive jackpot that players will have a chance at winning.